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Ratafia Champenois 6 years old

Ratafia Champenois 6 years old

From the know-how of Jean-Marie Tissier my father, discover our Ratafia, Apéritif champenois.

It is made from grape must taken from the press, without filtration, to which we add old Marc Champenois, and fine.
The added alcohol avoids fermentation, and this preserves all the natural aroma-sugar potential of the grape.

The Ratafia titrates at 18°Vol, and its aging in oak barrels gives it a sustained amber color, a powerful, expressive nose with fruity notes of prunes, cherries in brandy. All in harmony with an ample, rich, greedy mouth,  the aromas of Marc are accompanied by notes of caramel, dried fruits, candied apricots. Final on the plum.

Serve chilled, as an aperitif or to accompany melon and Italian ham, foie gras and figs, poultry terrines, chocolate cake, fine apple tart. Very pleasant, it will amaze your taste buds for a great taste pleasure… You will be seduced !
Delicacies: Foie Gras and fresh figs fried in salted butter and palm sugar – Chocolate cake.

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