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It is a love of the vine, which Jean-Marie passed on from father to son.

Jacques followed in his father's footsteps and works the family farm of 6 hectares spread over the southern hillsides of Epernay, Sézannais, Cramant, Cuis, Chouilly and Dormans. The grape varieties of the vineyard are: 40% Chardonnay, 40% Meunier and 20% Pinot Noir, distributed in the communes of: Chavot-Moussy-Pierry-Epernay-Cuis-Cramant, Damery and Sézannais. On its plots located in Chavot-Courcourt, it is the Meunier which flourishes alongside the Chardonnay. These are delicate grape varieties to work with, requiring number of hours of care for clean and healthy vines, To the image of the desired grape.

Very attentive to Nature, Jacques is a winegrower who listens to his land and his vines. At JM Tissier, we make Champagne with our guts, the hard and rough hands of those who work the land with deep respect for the soil and sound convictions: Always understand the wine-growing environment as well as possible, create Champagnes de Terroir and vintages,use organic fertilizers to find a balance and erase the excesses thus allowing to obtain healthy and qualitative grapes.

Jacques practices sustainable viticulture, instilled by Jean-Marie, his father.Its vines are cultivated like a garden and the earth must be alive there. So, he provides it with plowing and bark to feed it with organic matter. He takes care of a traditional sorting at the harvest, from the manual picking by his team of pickers, whom he also knows how to take care of. He likes to close this manual picking by the essential Cocheleyou,a final party in thanks for this hard workrcarried out by the entire team of harvesters. This meticulous work in the vineyard is found in the winery, where he enjoys producing new Champagnes every year... Bottling takes place at the property from May to June, respecting the lunar calendar of the year in order to to optimize the best aromas and the structure of wines.

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